Established in the 1930s, Brookdale Park’s rapidly maturing landscape makes volunteer maintenance and replanting programs more vital than ever before. Individual donations to the Brookdale Park Conservancy help fund these initiatives as well as educational activities that promote park stewardship, wildlife appreciation and environmental awareness.

Support your favorite local park by making a donation today and thank you for wanting to help keep Brookdale Park beautiful!

Donate Online

Check donations can be mailed in along with our donation form to:
Brookdale Park Conservancy, PO BOX 1148, Montclair, NJ 07042

Brookdale Park Conservancy is a registered section 501(c)(3) nonprofit - your gift to may qualify as a charitable deduction for federal income tax purposes.

Frequently asked questions about donations

How will my gift benefit the park?

100% of your gift goes towards furthering our mission of improving and maintaining Brookdale Park while increasing environmental awareness through volunteer activities and educational programming. Majority of funding is put towards park improvement projects that aim to restore the park's 1930s Olmsted Brothers' master plan and enhance our wildlife habitat. Since being founded in 2008, 100% of the Brookdale Park Conservancy's administrative costs have been covered by annual contributions through our generous and dedicated Board of Trustees. 

As an Essex County tax payer, why should I give more money to the park?

We are occasionally asked by local residents why they should provide additional resources to a public park that their tax dollars are supporting. The answer is simple. While a small portion of your taxes enable Essex County to maintain the basic needs of the park (lawn mowing and facility repairs) and to fund capital improvement projects (park wide lighting improvements, new playground construction and bathroom renovations), notable public parks around the world have achieved their status largely in thanks to additional support from individuals, local businesses and granting institutions. By giving to the Brookdale Park Conservancy, you are helping make our beloved park extraordinary.

A public park can only truly thrive when community members like you, are willing to offer up time and/or donations to non-profit organizations like ours. Think of us as a booster club or a PTA - we pick up where the tax dollars leave off, ensuring that our park becomes the absolute best it can possibly be today and for future generations.

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