About Us

The Brookdale Park Conservancy is a volunteer run, 501(c)3 nonprofit organization working in Essex County Brookdale Park in Montclair and Bloomfield, NJ. Our work is made possible through partnerships with Essex County, local businesses, corporations, fellow nonprofit organizations and with support from community individuals like you.

Please consider donating to the park and becoming a member today.

What we do

DEVELOP & FUND landscape restoration and enhancement projects intended to respect the Olmsted Brothers' historical master plan while improving the park for modern day park users.

LEAD volunteer activities for individuals, corporate teams and school groups that encourage members of our community to become stewards of the park. 

SPONSOR educational programming on topics ranging from horticulture and environmental issues to park wildlife and dog behavior. 

ADVOCATE thoughtful development of the park through researched recommendation for future Essex County capital improvements. 

Our Mission

PRESERVE the 121-acre Brookdale park by maintaining and improving its trails, infrastructure, ecology and landscaping so that it respects the original Olmsted design, and so that this unique Essex County resource can continue to provide natural beauty and lasting value to the residents of northern New Jersey.

PROMOTE the wise use of the park and environmental awareness through activities, educational programs and public service efforts.

PARTNER with the Essex County park system, community groups and allied organizations in support of the above objectives.


  • Inspired and lead more than 150 volunteers to contribute 1,700 hours of stewardship
  • Partnered with dozens of local business, corporations and fellow non-profit organizations;
  • Provided 5 educational programs and 12 community volunteer activities;
  • Planted over 100 new trees and shrubs;
  • Continued restoration of 5 acres of wildlife habitat;
  • Continued development and maintenance of 5 horticulturally noteworthy park features. 


Conservancy officers and trustees serve two year terms and are elected at the BPC's Annual Meeting of the Membership every March. We invite you to check out photos and bios of the Conservancy's current leadership team.

By-Laws of the Brookdale Park Conservancy (updated March 2009) can be downloaded as a PDF (3.2MB)

Meeting schedule

Brookdale Park Conservancy general meetings are typically held on the fourth Wednesday of most months (there are no meetings in July and December). The Conservancy's Board of Trustees meets at least twice each year to evaluate programming, budgeting and various administrative issues. An Annual Meeting of the Membership is held every March where elections take place for Board Officers and Trustees. All meetings are open to the public. Please check our calendar for meetings dates, times and locations as well as other upcoming public events that you may attend and participate in.

Mailing Address

Donations made via check should be sent via mail to the following address:

Brookdale Park Conservancy
PO BOX 1148
Montclair, NJ 07042